Wise.io provides predictive intelligence to help your agents be more productive and focus where customers need them most.


Founded : 2012
Locations: United States
Number of Employees : 11-50
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Service Summary

Wise.io customer support applications provide intelligent automation that mimics the decision making of your best agents, freeing them to do what they do best — solving the hardest problems for your most important customers.

The Wise.io team has extensive machine learning expertise as well as a deep domain knowledge of customer support processes. Wise’s full-stack support solution is the the home of proprietary ML-powered applications that have been built with 20+ person-years of effort.

Wise.io’s solutions are running in production at companies that range from Silicon Valley startups to the largest Fortune 500 corporations.

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Awards and Recognitions

CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award

Voted as the Product of the Year by readers of Customer Magazine

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