Zoho Reports allows you to create insightful reports and dashboards and visually analyze your business data, and to take informed decisions.

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Business data now lie scattered in flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services & online/offline applications. Wherever your data is, it's now easy to synchronize your data with Zoho Reports for analysis & reporting. Data sync is automatic and can be scheduled periodically. 

You can upload data from spreadsheets & flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files and more. You can also feed data from online storage services like Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive. Data can also be pulled from Web URL feeds.  Connect to both relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Teradata, etc. and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop/Hive etc. Connectivity to Microsoft SQL Az

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