Finahub Aadhaar Authentication and eKYC Server are implementations of the UIDAI specification of the AUA and KUA servers.

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FinaHub is a turn key solution that incorporates Aadhaar eKYC and eSign services to provide paperless account opening solution on both web and mobile channels.The servers are made available ready to use in production environment out of the box. To start this app first you need to enter Activation key. You can also email us for configuring this for your enterprise. This app can be integrated with other Android apps. An external app can invoke this app for doing aadhaar ekyc or authentication. This app is exclusive for Banks.This App also has inbuilt support for Mantra and Secugen biometric scanners and it communicates with Finahub KUA Server.

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Founded : 2012
Locations: India
Number of Employees : 11-50
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