AskNicely helps businesses deliver WOW experiences to every customer, every time leveraging the Net Promoter Score framework.

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AskNicely is one of the simplest and most popular marketing tools you could use to improve customer satisfaction. The software integrates seamlessly with your CRM system, from where it automatically collects feedback data using one-question customer surveys. Later on, results are evaluated on the basis of the tool’s net promoter score, and issues are caught in real time, while you can still deal with them and improve the service you’re providing. Its reasonable pricing allows businesses from all scales and industries to turn to AskNicely and to improve their productivity. It comes packed with useful features among which you can find: Daily survey scheduling, Automated reporting, Customized response alerts, Feedback replies, Automated and event-triggered surveys, and many oth

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Founded : 2014
Locations: New Zealand
Number of Employees : 11-50
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Customer Satisfaction Award

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