Aadhaar Bridge platform helps to integrate your app or website with Aadhaar and use Authentication and eKYC Services.

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Aadhaar Bridge offers services by which you can access APIs for conducting Auth, eKYC and eSign transactions.The Authentication or Auth transaction can either confirm the presence of the Aadhaar holder by way of biometric or OTP auth  or verify different fields by way of demographic auth.The auth transaction only returns either Yes or No responses: i.e: confirming a match or not.The UIDAI provides for both fingerprint and iris biometric authenticaton. The eKYC transaction retrieves the eKYC data of the Aadhaar holder. The eKYC call will return the photo, name, address, gender and date of birth of the Aadhaar holder. It does NOT return the mobile number or email id of the Aadhaar holder.

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