How School Management Software designed customized test modules for a school in India

India has become the education hub with numerous schools, colleges and universities popping up every year. The hardest part though is the admission to these institutes, as there are countless students who compete fiercely to grab a seat in one of the best conservatories. A school in India which aims to prepare students for such cut-throat competition was looking for a solution to make it easier for students and parents to appear in the exams with complete spadework.

Problem Statement

The school was in search of a school management software which will help them to conduct tests and exams on a periodic basis. Conduction of the exam and then its analysis was a major task and its manual implementation was very complex. The school management needed an automated system to accomplish the test regulation.

Another outstanding requirement was the performance evaluation of the students appearing in the mock tests. This evaluation was also to be shared with parents and discussed in detail with them so that the students, teachers, parents and school authorities were on the same page.

Solution Provided

The best solution was provided by a school management software. Following features helped the school management to fight the challenge they were facing.

1. Various plug-ins were offered as a part of the package which simplified the complex task of school administration.

2. Online web portal was designed for the school keeping in mind the requirements specific to conduction of tests and its analysis. Parents, students and staff members were given login credentials to access the test results and study the performance of the students.

3. Apt training was provided to staff of the school to upload the data on the portal and keep it up to date.

4. Parents were also given demo to use the portal and thus they actively participated in their child’s education and progress. The online portal and its pedagogy increased the teacher-parent interaction and children’s academic was thus discussed in detail.

5. Instant messaging and mails were sent out to parents through the school management software. This further ensured that transparency was maintained between school and parents.

6. Complete analytical reports were sent out the folks on a periodic basis. These reports were accompanied with graphical representations of the student’s performance in the tests. Also SMS was sent to the parents immediately after results of the exam were out.

An online system opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities to automate the processes. School management software in this case did exactly what it was expected to do and thus satisfied the school authorities with apropos solution to their problem.

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