How HR and Payroll Solution reaped benefits for School in West YorkShire

The school in West Yorkshire had a staff of 300 people working for them as teachers, invigilators, catering and other school staff. The school had three different formats of employment – full time, part time and other casual staff. The basic need of the school management was an integrated HR and Payroll system.

The Challenge

The school had different formats of employment and thus there were different payment structures and pension schemes. With employee strength of 300 and varied salary scale, the school needed a solution which would support multiple posts and pension schemes, and different grade scales. The payroll system was expected to manage a complex education payroll design and provide a wide range of fully integrated HR software facilities.

The other major issue was the maintenance of staff details and their attendance management. The appraisal and other compensation processing was another obstacle faced by the school management. School also provided trainings on monthly basis to the staff and a record of this training was also to be maintained with the new solution.

The Solution

The HR & Payroll Solution presented a customized and unique provision to the school administration to address the challenges.

The HR/Finance team was provided with a solution to manage all the HR information and feed this information into the payroll system which enabled the administrators to monitor the monthly payment of the staff. Web self-service feature enabled employees to update their own details, including change of address, leave requests for medical appointments and bank information. The Finance team started using the reporting feature of the HR & Payroll system to provide up to date leave reports to the school authorities.

The employment process was simplified using e-Recruitment solution. This provided an interface with the school’s external website that enabled candidate’s information to be captured by the system and upload their resume. If they matched the required criteria, their details were automatically added to the live HR system that saved a great deal of time involved to re-enter the data.

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