Machines And Marketers: The Newly Weds?

Imagine you have a data set of 100 customers divided between prospective, existing and previous clients for three different product ranges of a wrist watch. All could add to your sale if approached with the right messaging through say email marketing. Now multiply this with infinity! Welcome to the modern day marketer’s life.

One cannot imagine the insane amount of data a marketer needs to deal with to effectively reach their customers. And try sorting a fraction of it manually and you’ll sure be able to empathize!

Well, Machines today are powerful as never before. Not only are machines powerful and fast, they are quite ‘human’. Yes, they can be trained just like the human mind, store entire universe’s data,discover trends, patterns, build automated algorithmic systems in behaviour and make sense of it. Seems like magic? No, it’s just technology!

Technology that is and will potentially revolutionize a marketer’s life: Machine Learning. The fundamental assumption that forms the base of Machine Learning is that analytical solutions can be created by analysing past data sets.

With machines becoming smarter, Do we even need human brains for marketing?

That’s the question that has been haunting marketers globally. The simplest way to understand this is, while machines can process data in a jiffy, machines cannot connect to humans the way humans can. So, Until the day where all humans are replaced by machines and we live (or ‘not’ live) in a world of robots, marketers will exist. And exist more powerfully if they can love machines and make the sweet marriage work.

With technology automating complex tasks, the tasks usually left brain is responsible for, marketers have a free world to let their creative juices flow from the right brain to across the world, to connect like never before, to let communications be effortless, to let experiences talk, to live design, to think consumer, to empathize!

According to a Gartner report, 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator by 2017. With machine learning taking over your data worries, creating the customer experience the world is looking for can be your only focus.

Are you ready to make the marriage work? Well, here is a quick guide to make it last.

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